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Sound Deadening in Automotive & Transportation Interiors

Reynco 54-342

At the Reynolds Company, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the automotive industry with exceptional product quality and ability to adapt to changes when needed.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are dependent on tier-one suppliers of interior assemblies like doors, headliners, trunk liners, and flooring. One of the many important aspects of an assembly that OEMs monitor is sound quality. Sound-deadening processes are critical to stopping exterior noise, including road noise and other traffic, from entering the vehicle’s passenger area.

Automobile doors being assembled
Sound deadening foam

The Reynolds Company’s REYNCO 54-342, an olefin-based adhesive, meets many automotive specifications’ temperature and environmental requirements and has a long and successful history in the automotive interiors arena. Reynolds’ hot melt adhesive adheres to hard-to-stick-to substrates in an easy-to-use process that can be swirl sprayed, roll-coated, or put on with beads. It can also be both chemically or mechanically foamed in a light-weighting move, offering efficiency and cost savings. Its versatility and ease of application makes it a go-to adhesive for adhering sound-deadening materials.

As new materials develop, The Reynolds Company realizes that adhesives must evolve to meet new requirements and substrates. Reynolds’ outstanding Research and Development team understands the automotive industry and is familiar with the specifications, processes, and equipment required to manufacture automotive components. Contact us with questions or a specific need, and we will provide you with answers.

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