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Custom Tolling

The Reynolds Company offers its custom tolling services for companies in all areas of our business — hot melts, dry products, and water based. We have the ability to do a lot of different things with varying capabilities.

Hot Melt Tolling

We have a lot of capacity for hot melt tolling and are more than willing to work with anyone in need of our services. We can compound or simply repackage, whatever your need. We are happy to private-label and open to whatever our customers need in order to be successful. Our technical team is fully capable of helping you with your formulation needs, and we back our process with a full range of quality control testing. Our packaging options include pillows, pellets, chubs, pails, drums, supersacks, gaylords and bulk molten. Our chemistries include EVA, PE, APO, SIS, SBS, SEBS and Butyls.


The Reynolds Company offers a variety of forms for our hot melts, including:

  • Pellets
  • Pillows
  • Chubs
  • Molten


  • 30 pound boxes (1200 net pounds / skid)
  • 1000 pound gaylords and supersacks
  • Metal and fiber drums (350 net pounds)
  • Metal pails (40 net pounds)
  • Bulk tankers (40,000 net pounds)
Water Based Tolling

Reynolds has the ability to blend, cook, mix and compound anything you need. We can package tolled products in pails, drums, totes and bulk (rail and truck). Our forte is large volumes, as most of our vessels hold four thousand gallons, yet we also have the ability to make smaller batches/runs with some of our smaller vessels. We can handle raw materials in bulk, and we can add dry materials as well as liquids. We offer the ability to private label and make deliveries on our company-owned vehicles. We have lots of capacity and a willingness to do whatever our customers ask.


In our water based area we offer the following packaging options:

  • Fiber drums (500 net pounds)
  • Plastic Totes (2350 net pounds)
  • Bulk (40,000 net pounds)
  • Metal pails (40 net pounds)
Dry Blend Tolling

We offer dry blend tolling as well. We handle blends of PVOH / Clay, Starches, and Dextrines. We also offer private-labeling. Packaging is typically in 50 lb bags, supersacks, gaylords and bulk. We can offer compounding expertise, and we do all the quality testing required by our customers.

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