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Proven Adhesives for Labeling Processes

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The Reynolds Company offers a full line of proven hot melt pressure sensitive and water based adhesives for a variety of labeling processes, including problematic ones. Our product line includes traditional methods of slot and bead extrusion as well as the more popular method using swirl spray. Our hot melt adhesives optimize and maximum bond strength at reduced cost and our pillowed hot melt products adapt to any size melt tank.

Watch our latest Bottle Labeling video to learn how Reynolds can help your company achieve great optimization in your production. Optimization that includes:

  • Improved adhesion
  • Excellent cut off at the spray nozzle
  • Good clarity
  • Manufacturing process versatility and minimized down times

Reynolds adhesives are used with a wide range of label materials. They perform well on a variety of plastics, glass, and metal containers. These adhesives provide you with the ability to fill your container with both hot and cold items.

Should you need assistance with your manufacturing processes, as a reliable adhesives supplier, The Reynolds Company can fill your need for bottle labeling adhesives. We know if your company has a problem with adhesives, Reynolds can solve that.

Let The Reynolds Company help you.

Eliminate bottle labeling adhesive problems with The Reynolds Company products

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