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Headliners. Carpet. Doors.

The Reynolds Company has new and innovative
products with multiple applications.

The Reynolds Company has developed a range of hot melt adhesives specifically designed for the demanding specifications of automotive interiors. We offer long-open time adhesives for automotive flooring, sound-deadeners and high-temperature resistant, load-bearing hot melts for headliner assemblies. Our products are formulated for soft and compressible weatherstrip sealants to multiple technologies for flexible and breathable fabrics.

By being an active part of the industry Reynolds has an understanding from the engineering perspective. The requirements and needs of interior adhesives are constantly changing. We can innovate to address the myriad of new light-weighting substrates and sound absorption material to create an adhesive for every new developing application.

Our products are used in a multitude of automotive applications.

  • Headliners
  • Flooring
  • Door trim
  • Trunk assembly
  • Seating
  • Sound deadening and sound absorption

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  • All
  • Polyolefin
  • PSA
hot melt polyolefin adhesive

Reynco 52-901

Reynco 52-901 is a hot melt Polyolefin adhesive.  This product’s high heat resistance is designed for use in automotive interior applications.

hot melt polyolefin adhesive

Reynco 55-549

Reynco 55-549 is a high performance hot melt Polyolefin used for all levels of automotive interior trim.  The product has extensive history in automotive from high temperature headliners to shoddy…

hot melt semi-pressure sensitive based adhesive

Reynco 55-575 LVB

Reynco 55-575 LVB is a hot melt Rubber based PSA adhesive. With its high temperature and high tack, this product is specifically designed for adhesion to hard to adhere to…

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