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Excellent leadership with a passion for success.

Neel Reynolds

President & CEO

Neel Reynolds has served as President of The Reynolds Company since April 2019. He follows his brother Lex Reynolds, who was preceded by their father Hays Reynolds, the founder. He…

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Claudia Gibbons

CFO / Controller

Claudia Gibbons was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has lived in the Upstate of South Carolina most of her adult life. She decided to be an accountant during a…

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Jerry Broome

VP of Operations and Purchasing

Jerry Broome grew up in the small town, rural environment of South Georgia. There in his youth, he began gaining his work experience with many agricultural related jobs. "Farm work…

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Steve Todd

VP of New Business Development

Steve Todd’s interest in sales was piqued while working a summer job with Southwestern Book Company, where he sold books door-to-door. Still, his interest in chemistry led him to North…

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Pam Creasy

VP of Finance and Special Projects

Pam was born in Montgomery, Alabama, but has lived in Greenville, South Carolina most of her life. She developed her love for working with numbers at an early age when…

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John A. (Lex) Reynolds

(Retired 2020)

Lex Reynolds has been working in the industry since the mid-1960s when he was a teenager working at Tanco Adhesives in Greenville as a production employee. In 1978, when The…

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