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Packaging that stands up to summer’s heat

Prepare for a very hot summer by ensuring that your packaged goods will arrive at your customers with NO failures. The Reynolds Company unique packaging hot melts have over 25 years of proven history with ZERO heat stress failures. These adhesives are ideal for running at maximum line speeds under very warm ambient conditions. Customer complaints or returns can eat up a year of savings when low-cost alternatives are used.

It is going to be a hot summer. Make sure your packaged products get to the customer intact with no rejects.

In a very warm, humid summer season, Reynolds has specific products that are IDEAL for packaging produce in very hot packing sheds, as well as warm lubricants and motor oil. In these challenging conditions, many packagers have to slow lines down or not run at all during the heat of the afternoon.

With our CA 270 and CA 271 adhesives, we can provide no open cases after storage in hot warehouses or shipment in hot trailers. Temperatures near the roof of a trailer can reach up to 190° F in the summer. The 270 series of hot melts combine fast set, with very AGGRESSIVE tack and excellent heat stress resistance resulting in greater productivity, higher line efficiencies, and lower overall cost. This specialized line of hot melts’ combination of very aggressive tack and high IOPP are key to keeping your cases closed. Unique, customer-oriented packaging shapes and contents can have little to no support under the minor flaps. Let Reynolds help you overcome those packaging challenges. For more information on CA 270 and CA 271, please give us a call or complete the contact form below.

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