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Reynco 51-010 Delivers Proven Versatility

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Reynolds formulation for this aggressive high peel strength, medium viscosity, pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive proves to be a versatile product that is used by many industries.

Some manufacturers use the 51-010 as a pick-up adhesive in the core winding of rolls of parchment paper, aluminum foil, and tissue paper. Reynco 51-010’s high peel strength provides fast pick-up and will hold the substrate with no slippage as the roll is auto-winded. The versatile adhesive can either be extruded or spray-applied.

Reynco 50-010 Used In Many Industries
  • The automotive industry finds this product well-suited for below-the-beltline automotive sound-deadening, such as molded foams or die-cut shoddy pads, which are commonly used in automotive flooring, door-trim, quarter-panels, and trunk-trim.
  • Custom packaging and foam fabricating industries use this adhesive as it adheres well to specialty foams, offering long open time and immediate bonding strength.
  • Labels, envelopes, and shipping bags are used in conjunction with release liners and have been field-proven in global shipping conditions for years.
  • The carpet industry uses this product to back coat carpet seaming tape applications because of its strong bonding strength.
  • For garage doors, Reynco 51-010 proves itself to be a premium high-tack product in the garage door industry. It is utilized for foam to metal and for EPS to HIPS applications.
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