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Products that suit your needs from cover to cover.

The Reynolds Company offers a complete line of liquids and hot melts meeting a broad range of graphic arts industry adhesive needs.

Our experience in graphic arts is comprehensive with some of our staff having spent the bulk of their careers in the market. Their superior industry knowledge can assist customers from the front end of a sale to determine what is needed through trouble-shooting and critical problem solving. They not only know adhesives and coatings; they understand most of the equipment being used today. Reynolds can provide a product that works well on any of your lines.

Some of the more typical applications we cater to include:

  • One and two-shot spine glues
  • Hinge glues
  • PSA joint and side glues
  • Low temp spine glues
  • Solvent resistant spine glues
  • White, pigmented spine glues
  • EVA side glues
  • Elastomeric spine glues
  • Labeling and Fugitives
  • Spine and Side Glues for digital lines

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  • EVA
hot melt eva adhesive

Reynco 53-025

Reynco 53-025 is a hot melt EVA adhesive used in the Graphic Arts industry for book binding.  This premium product is well suited for one-shot spine applications.

hot melt EVA adhesive

Reynco 53-027W

Reynco 53-027W is a versatile hot melt EVA adhesive for the book binding industry.  This product is one-shot and white for spine applications.

hot melt eva adhesive

Reynco 53-029

Reynco 53-029 is a hot melt EVA adhesive for use in the Graphic Arts industry in book binding.  This product is for “side glue” applications.  Its flexibility is key to…

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