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Give your customers the perfect experience of a noise-free night’s sleep

The Reynolds Company team of highly skilled consultants and chemists have formulated a line of hot melt adhesives for the mattress industry that will give your customers the perfect experience of noise-free night’s sleep. Give us a call, and we’ll share more on how this series of products we call QuietMelt™ can benefit your company’s ROI.

Reynolds has a “think out of the box” mentality that has culminated in the development of products that are both noiseless and bond to difficult substrates. This unique niche in the marketplace that has allowed our customers to excel in their own product offerings. Great raw material options and the ability to make products efficiently and in large volume is a powerful combination for our customers.

Reynolds’s hot melt and water based adhesive are used throughout the bedding industry, as well as a multitude of foam bonding applications.

  • Engineered foams
  • Non-wovens
  • Medical laminations
  • Sound deadening
  • Protective packaging
  • Cushioning and furniture manufacturing
  • Spring assembly
  • Side-rail and toppers

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  • All
  • EVA
  • Polyolefin
  • PSA
hot melt semi-pressure sensitive based adhesive

Reynco 52-444

Reynco 52-444 is an economical hot melt Rubber based PSA.  With long open time and high tack, this product is well suited for mattress assembly applications.

hot melt polyolefin adhesive

Reynco 54-342

Reynco 54-342 is a hot melt Polyolefin adhesive formulated for the foam industry.  With a long open time, this product excels in foam to foam applications.

hot melt polyolefin adhesive

Reynco 55-045

Reynco 54-045 is a hot melt Polyolefin adhesive.  This premium product is formulated for low noise, excellent green strength and bonds to specialty foams.

hot melt rubber based PSA adhesive

Reynco 55-450

Reynco 55-450 is a robust hot melt Rubber based PSA adhesive used to bond low surface energy foam substrates.  This product is well suited for foam encased build up and…

hot melt EVA adhesive

Reynco 55-788

Reynco 55-788 is a hot melt EVA adhesive formulated for use in mattress assembly.  This superior product is high speed and fast setting making it perfect for pocket coil assembly…

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