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Bags. Sacks.

This market segment consistently benefits from
the many lines of Reynolds adhesives and coatings.

The Reynolds Company can take care of your needs, whether you require a water based adhesive for grocery bags or a polyamide hot melt for a more complex multiwall bag.  We have the adhesive technology to improve bag strength or to make your packaging more cost efficient, our technical team prides itself on an intimate knowledge of substrates and processes.

Our team has considerable experience with bag making equipment and can assist your plant personnel in improving your manufacturing capabilities. Our ability to efficiently manufacture both high and low-volume, with excellent quality, accompanied by technical support and customer service sets us apart. Our technical sales responsiveness and in-house formulating capabilities are second to none.

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hot melt polyethylene adhesive

Reynco 53-937

Reynco 53-937 is a hot melt Polyethylene adhesive with exceptional performance qualities.  This product is a low viscosity, fast setting, clean running, pelletized hot melt for pinch bottom and multi-wall…

hot melt semi-pressure sensitive based adhesive

Reynco 54-452

Reynco 54-452 is a hot melt semi-pressure sensitive based adhesive.  This product was designed for poly film to poly film in multi-wall bag seam applications.

hot melt polyamide adhesive

Reynco 56-126

Reynco 56-126 is a hot melt Polyamide adhesive well suited for multi-wall bag sealing applications. This product remains highly flexible at low temperatures.

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