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Cleaner, More Efficient APO Hot Melt Adhesives for Cabinetry

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The Reynolds Company’s new line of APO hot melt adhesives addresses the different requirements in cabinet manufacturing. Our adhesives have been tested and are successful for demanding static load tests and extreme environmental conditions required in this business.

For manufacturers frustrated with supply chain disruptions and ever-increasing prices who are looking for the latest developments in adhesives, radically different from the status quo, look to The Reynolds Company.
Our versatile adhesives are designed to optimize cabinet production processes such as toe kick and drawer assembly. These adhesives provide strength, excellent cut-off at the adhesive dispense nozzle for cleanliness, and create low-char that minimizes down times and the need to clean and purge hot melt dispensing equipment.

Reynolds APO hot melt adhesives run at lower temperatures and run cleaner, thus more energy savings and less wear and tear on the hot melt equipment.

The Reynolds Manufacturing Quality Control Team and Research and Development teams work together in producing the highest quality products for the cabinet manufacturing industry. Additionally, our Sales Team is knowledgeable and empowered to address customer needs.

Our company goal is to build Lasting Bonds with our customers. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you in person or virtually. Thank you for considering The Reynolds Company.

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