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Case and Carton Sealing Gold Standard

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high-performance metallocene hot melt adhesive

The Reynco 55-808 Series, a high-performance Metallocene hot melt adhesive, is used in multiple case and carton sealing applications, where wide operating performance windows are required.

This product formulation uses high-quality raw materials produced by the leading chemical companies servicing the adhesive industry. The Reynolds Company takes great pride in developing hot melt products for our customers.

Balance of Hot and Cold

Reynco 55-808 Series offers excellent performance on high ECT (Edge Crush Test) board strengths, with fast setting and water-white color, making this product a perfect performance blend for protein packaging. The large ambient temperature range from -20°F to 160°F is exceptional for cold storage performance. The excellent machining properties and the cleanliness in application equipment make the product best in class for overall performance.

Reach out to one of our Sales Team members for more information on this product and more in the case and carton sealing industry.

exceptional cold storage performance
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