Quiet Adhesives are the Answer for a Quieter Mattress

One of the finer attributes of a quality mattress is blissful quiet! There is nothing worse than a mattress that crinkles, pops, or squeaks! Mattress manufacturers looking to produce a noiseless mattress can steer their trained staff to our unique adhesive that is designed with quiet in mind and come away with a quality solution that eliminates unnecessary noise delivering a perfect noiseless mattress.

The Reynolds Company offers the Quiet Melt™ technology, one of the best mattress products on the market today. The difference between good and great can be found in the details of mattress assembly. With our specialty line of adhesives designed to address the specific needs of the mattress and bedding industry, our technology uses a blend of specialty polymers which enable manufacturers to achieve less noise in their mattress construction.

Make your mattress assembly quieter than it is today

Working with the Reynolds Company begins with an easy process. Simply fill out the form, or give us a call, and we will create comparison studies specifically with your specific manufacturing goals in mind. We are standing by, ready and available to work with your team.

Our specialized laboratories can make the testing phase a seamless process and offer comparative noise studies or test samples for your company’s evaluation.

Mattress cross-section

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