Reynolds Packaging World Debut

Packaging World is one of the best-read publications for professionals who seek to purchase packaging equipment, materials, and services.

The Reynolds Company, a manufacturer of hot melt, water based, and dry blended adhesives and coatings, is pleased to be an advertiser in the January 2021 issue of Packaging World and the Packaging World website. As an advertiser, Reynolds is able to showcase our product formulations made possible from high-quality raw materials produced by the leading chemical companies servicing the adhesive industry throughout this year.

Reducing customer complaints and returns with advanced adhesive technology.

Packaging challenges can be daunting due to extreme conditions like heat and humidity, causing production slowdowns, downtime, and pop-opens. The Reynolds Company Series 270 Hot Melt is the solution. Watch our video to learn more. For our customers who have known the challenges of extreme conditions like heat and humidity, they have been pleased when using Reynolds’ custom formulation.

With our dedicated team of employees and our company philosophy to treat each customer as we desire to be treated, The Reyolds Company is committed to delivering quality products at fair prices, on time, every time.

We proudly offer a service that sets us apart. Our standard for customer, employee, and vendor relationships are built on a foundation of “Lasting Bonds.” These bonds drive our commitment to the customer’s needs while maintaining our company’s stellar integrity standard. As the year begins, Reynolds’ will continue utilizing advanced technology to develop innovative solutions to meet emerging challenges and customer demands for cost savings, waste reduction, and sustainability.

The Reynolds Company Quality Team Welcomes Josh Bosak

Josh Bosak, a Greenville, SC native, attended the University of South Carolina, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Chemistry Minor. Josh began his career in the quality department at Sauer Brands before joining The Reynolds Company…

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Noise Free Mattress Adhesives

English philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon once said, “By far the best proof is experience.” Watch this video if your company is searching for an experienced adhesive compounder who can benefit your ROI. You will quickly learn how The Reynolds…

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Case and Carton Sealing Gold Standard

The Reynco 55-808 Series, a high-performance Metallocene hot melt adhesive, is used in multiple case and carton sealing applications, where wide operating performance windows are required. This product formulation uses high-quality raw materials produced by the leading chemical companies servicing…

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Improved Efficiency with Minimized Downtime

Production problems relating to hot melt pump failures? Problem solved! Unwanted downtime? Problem solved! Costly repairs? Problem solved! Poor efficiency? Problem solved! Unexpected interruptions? Problem solved! Adequate heat stability in your current adhesive?  Problem solved! Watch how The Reynolds Company…

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Lex Reynolds, CEO Announces Retirement

The Reynolds Company, a Greenville-based subsidiary of Itochu International, Inc, announced the retirement of Lex Reynolds, CEO, effective August 31, 2020. Neel Reynolds, currently serving as President, will replace him. Lex Reynolds has been with the company since its inception…

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Packaging that stands up to summer’s heat

Prepare for a very hot summer by ensuring that your packaged goods will arrive at your customers with NO failures. The Reynolds Company unique packaging hot melts have over 25 years of proven history with ZERO heat stress failures. These…

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