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Are you looking for an economically priced GO-TO case and carton sealing adhesive?

The Reynolds Company excels in solving our customers’ packaging problems. There are many challenges when packaging food and beverages. Packaging equipment runs at high speeds, while the service temperatures can vary from hot to cold. Balancing adhesive performance with economy of scale is key. Our experienced research team has developed Reynco 53-974. This product is a general-purpose hot melt EVA adhesive formulated specifically for the packaging industry. It has superior adhesion with a broad service range, is light in color, adheres to most substrates and is excellent for high-speed case and carton sealing applications. We always work to confirm that there are no equipment or adhesion issues.

Our commitment is to create lasting bonds. If you are searching for a GO-TO case and carton sealing adhesive, we can find a solution for you. Watch how The Reynolds Company can improve your efficiency, minimize downtime and drive productivity.

Food Packaging Reynco 53-974
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